CPExpert WLM Component


In 1995, the WLM Component of CPExpert was introduced to analyze performance aspects of MVS environments running under IBM’s Workload Manager.

The WLM Component analyzes data recorded in standard SMF records (and placed into a performance database, by MXG, CA MICS, or SAS-ITRM). The SMF data is analyzed to:

  • Detect problems with your Workload Manager Service Definition
  • Analyze how well the Workload Manager meets performance goals
  • Identify the reasons performance goals were not achieved
  • Suggest alternatives you can implement to improve performance

The WLM Component User Manual provides a detailed description of each finding, and suggests alternative ways to correct the potential problem. The User Manual provides comprehensive documentation about Workload Manager concepts, algorithms, and operational features.

Since only potential problem situations are reported by the WLM Component, performance analysts can focus on correcting problems and not waste time analyzing nonproductive areas.

Sample CPExpert WLM Output

Sample CPExpert Rule Documentation


The WLM Component evaluates overall system areas including:

  • PR/SM, IRD, and HiperDispatch environment to identify potential performance problems with LPAR definitions and LPAR performance
  • Coupling facility and XCF parameters and system configuration, and suggests ways to improve the performance of your sysplex
  • Paging subsystem, and suggests changes to improve system performance
  • System Logger, to identify performance problems that often cause significant system overhead
  • WLM-managed initiators, to identify performance problems with service class, job, and job class specifications
  • Performance aspects of the System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP), to identify performance problems and the causes of poor performance with zIIP processors.