CPExpert Software Components

Software Overview

CPExpert is software that runs on IBM mainframes to analyze data from the system and identify the causes of performance problems.

CPExpert runs as a normal batch job, and it:

  • Consolidates and analyzes data from your system (normally contained in a performance database such as MXG, SAS-ITRM, or CA MICS) to identify the causes of performance problems
  • Produces narrative reports to explain the results and suggest changes to improve performance

With CPExpert, performance analysts can focus on the areas that are not routine. This means that your analysts can spend more time implementing solutions to problems rather than wasting valuable time identifying the cause of routine problems. CPExpert analyzes z/OS, Db2, CICS, DASD, MQ for z/OS, parallel sysplex, system logger, the paging subsystem, and more...

CPExpert encapsulates the guidance in IBM manuals, the knowledge of computer performance analysts, and the experiences reported at professional conferences. CPExpert adds the equivalent of a trained performance analyst to your staff.


CPExpert has different components to analyze different performance aspects of IBM systems:

Each component includes an extensive user manual to provide:

  1. A description of each potential problem identified by CPExpert’s analysis
  2. The likely impact of the finding
  3. A discussion of the concepts relating to the potential problem
  4. Suggestions for improvements
  5. Specific references where more detailed information can be obtained