Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a demonstration of CPExpert analysis using data from our site?

Yes. CPExpert offers a free, no-obligation performance analysis of your organization's IBM z/OS performance. This free analysis is to acquaint you with CPExpert's features and allow you to examine the benefits.

Is there a trial period?

Yes. Upon delivery of CPExpert software, the customer has a 45-day, no-obligation trial period to evaluate the product. If the customer is not satisfied, the customer will remove CPExpert software and communicate to Computer Management Sciences that CPExpert software has been removed. Having met these requirements, the customer would have no further obligation and would owe nothing to Computer Management Sciences. If the customer does not certify that the software has been removed during this 45-day trial period, the customer will be obliged to pay the invoice from Computer Management Sciences.

If I upgrade my processor, must I pay additional CPExpert license fees?

No. Licenses for CPExpert are issued per physical installation, for data created at the installation. CPExpert is licensed without regard to the number of processors installed, the processor size, or capacity group.

Are the license fees negotiable?

No. This question is asked occasionally by contracting officers who have had past experience with negotiating a license fee. The CPExpert Standard License Fee Schedule is openly provided on this website and other sources. The fees are not adjusted for any organization.

We have our own license agreement that we require software vendors to sign. Will Computer Management Sciences sign our license agreement?

No. CPExpert is a commercial product, providing features as described on this website. The product is offered under the terms and conditions described in the CPExpert Master License Agreement, and the License fees for CPExpert are also shown on this website. We will consider modest changes to the terms and conditions if your legal staff feels that such changes are appropriate, but the CPExpert Master License Agreement must be executed to license CPExpert.

Are there CPExpert distributors outside the United States?

No. CPExpert is marketed, distributed, and supported from the United States. Sites in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, and Turkey have used CPExpert to improve performance of their z/OS systems.


What is the most recent version of CPExpert?

CPExpert Release 33.1 was issued in June of 2023

Does CPExpert support z/OS 3.1 (Version 3 Release 1)?

Yes. CPExpert Release 33.1 was issued in June of 2023 and supports z/OS 3.1 (Version 3 Release 1)

Does CPExpert support IBM z16?

Yes. CPExpert Release 33.1 was issued in June of 2023 and supports IBM z16.

How does CPExpert work?

CPExpert analyzes data acquired from standard monitoring tools (such as SMF/RMF), and placed in a performance database, such as MXG, SAS/ITRM, or CA MICS. CPExpert automatically summarizes and analyzes the data (using expert system rules, data analysis modules, or queuing models) and produces narrative reports reflecting the result of the analysis.

Can I change the way CPExpert analyzes data and reaches conclusions?

Yes. Most analysis done by CPExpert is based on "guidance variables" and the guidance variables can be altered by users to meet individual needs. For example, you might not be able to make a change based on CPExpert's suggestions (because of political factors, corporate policy, financial implications, etc.). You can alter the analysis so that CPExpert does not continue to produce findings and recommendations that cannot be acted upon.

What language is CPExpert implemented in?

CPExpert is implemented in SAS. SAS provides tremendous flexibility in summarizing, consolidating, and analyzing data. CPExpert consists of hundreds of SAS modules with more than 170,000 SAS statements.

Is the SAS software required to run CPExpert?

Yes. Only SAS/BASE is required when operating CPExpert.

Do I need to know SAS to run CPExpert?

No. CPExpert requires no knowledge of SAS; you simply submit CPExpert as a batch job and it automatically analyzes your computer performance.

Can I run CPExpert on my PC under SAS?

Yes. CPExpert is developed on a PC under SAS, and then ported to an IBM mainframe for final testing. Some users download required files from their performance database and execute CPExpert on their PC. The download process may be burdensome, however, and you may decide that you prefer to execute CPExpert on your mainframe .

Is CPExpert difficult to install?

No. The CPExpert installation is very easy. You execute IEBUPDTE to copy the CPExpert source code and user guidance modules into two partitioned data sets. You then modify the JCL as appropriate for your installation, modify the DD statements to point to your performance database, make any desired modifications to the user guidance modules, and you are ready to execute CPExpert.