CPExpert Db2 Component


Although Db2 has achieved tremendous acceptance in the marketplace and provides extraordinary features for its users, users have found that the performance of Db2 can be frustrating and that Db2 can consume significant system resources without proper tuning.

The Db2 Component of CPExpert was developed to help sites monitor Db2 performance, to identify problems automatically, and to suggest solutions to the problems.

The Db2 Component processes the Db2 interval statistics data, Db2 accounting data, and selected Db2 trace data processed by MXG, MICS, or SAS-ITRM.

The Db2 Component analyzes Db2 performance in the following major areas:

  • Buffer pools (including virtual pools, hiperpools, and group buffer pools)
  • EDM pool and RID pool
  • Parallel processing
  • Lock Manager
  • Distributed Data Facility (DDF)
  • Log Manager
  • Data sharing
  • ZPARMS specifications

Sample CPExpert Db2 Output


After analyzing Db2 data, the Db2 Component reports problems or potential problems that restrict the performance of the Db2 subsystem. Sample findings for which solutions are suggested include:

  • Threads were queued at CREATE
  • Buffer pools are too large for the available processor storage
  • DWQT and VDWQT might be too large
  • DWQT, VDWQT, or VPSEQT might be too small
  • Read accesses delayed because of unavailable resources
  • Parallel groups were reduced due to buffer shortage
  • Prefetch I/O streams were denied, shortage of buffers

The Db2 Component includes an extensive user manual that...

  1. Suggests the likely effect of each finding on performance of the Db2 subsystem being evaluated
  2. Explains why the finding was made
  3. Suggests alternatives to correct the problem
  4. Provides specific references in IBM documents where the problem is described