CPExpert CICS Component


The CICS Component of CPExpert evaluates the performance of individual CICS regions, identifies constraints to improved performance, and suggests ways to eliminate the constraints.

The CICS Component automatically applies most of the CICS analysis techniques documented in IBM's CICS Performance Guides.

Standard CICS interval statistics are analyzed for all versions of CICS/ESA, CICS/Transaction Server for OS/390, and CICS/Transaction Server for z/OS. These interval statistics are automatically recorded by CICS and normally are placed in the SMF data file.

MXG (from Merrill Consultants, Dallas, TX) must be used to process the “raw” CICS interval statistics that are in the SMF file, and place the results into your performance database.

The CICS Component includes an extensive user manual that...

  1. Indicates the likely effect of each finding on performance of the CICS region
  2. Explains why the finding was made
  3. Suggests alternatives to correct the problem
  4. Provides specific references in IBM documents where the problem is described

Sample CPExpert CICS Output


The CICS Component analyzes the CICS interval statistics to identify CICS performance problems or potential CICS performance problems. The analysis covers the following major areas:

  • Virtual and real storage (task controls: MXT, AMXT, TCLASS)
  • VSAM and File Control (NSR files and LSR pool specifications)
  • Database management (CICS specifications for DL/I, IMS, Db2)
  • Journaling (system journal and user journal specifications)
  • Network and VTAM (RAPOOL, RAMAX)
  • CICS Facilities (temporary storage, transient data, dynamic backout)
  • ISC/IRC performance (MRO, LU6.1, LU6.2 modegroups)
  • System logger (log stream analysis)
  • Shared temporary storage
  • Coupling facility data tables (CFDT)
  • CICS-Db2 Interface
  • Open TCB pools
  • TCP/IP interface