CPExpert MQ for z/OS Component


IBM MQ products enable programs to communicate with one another across a network of unlike components. MQ for z/OS provides facilities that collect statistics and accounting information, and record the information to SMF.

The MQ Component of CPExpert analyzes the standard MQ for z/OS data, as written to SMF. The MQ Component processes statistics data contained in Type 115 records and accounting data contained in SMF Type 116 records. SMF Type 74 (Coupling Facility Activity) records are optionally analyzed to identify performance problems with shared MQ queues.

The MQ Component includes an extensive user manual that...

  1. Suggests the likely effect of each finding on the performance of the MQ subsystem being evaluated
  2. Explains why the finding was made
  3. Suggests alternatives to correct the problem
  4. Provides specific references in IBM documents where the problem is described

Sample CPExpert MQ for z/OS Output


Performance problems are analyzed in the following areas:

Queue Manager: identifies problems with basic queue manager parameter specifications, assignment of queues to page sets and page sets to buffer pools, applications commit activity, and incorrect queue index specifications

Buffer Pool Manager: examines problems with the use and availability in each buffer pool, the size specified for specific buffer pools, the I/O activity to page sets on DASD, synchronous and asynchronous write activity, and the characteristics of messages assigned to buffer pools

Log Manager: examines problems with backout activity, allocation of active logs, messages written to active logs, messages written to archive logs, and checkpoint activity

Server analysis: examines problems with Db2 server calls, Db2 server delays, Db2 server deadlocks and ABENDs, and other areas that indicate Db2 performance problems

Shared queue and shared queue cluster: comprehensive analysis is done on SMF Type 74 records and examines coupling facility structure definitions and usage for MQ shared queue structures