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Much of computer performance analysis in the IBM z/OS environment is simply repetitive work: analyzing performance reports or displays, identifying periods of poor performance, determining the causes of poor performance, and selecting solutions to eliminate or reduce the causes of poor performance.

CPExpert automates the routine of computer performance evaluation. Performance analysts can then focus on the areas that are not routine, and they can spend more time implementing solutions to problems rather than wasting valuable time identifying the cause of routine performance problems.

This web site (1) describes the various components of CPExpert that analyze different parts of your z/OS environment, (2) contains sample output from CPExpert, (3) provides sample documentation ("rule descriptions") from the CPExpert User Manuals (these explain the analysis and findings), and (4) includes a license fee schedule.

You can also find informative white papers on various performance evaluation topics, such as "An Introduction to HiperDispatch Management Mode" associated with the new IBM z10.

If you would like more information about CPExpert, please send an e-mail request, call Computer Management Sciences, Inc. at (804) 776-7109, or write to Computer Management Sciences at 634 Lakeview Drive, Hartfield, VA 23071.


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