CPExpert License Fees

Licenses for CPExpert are per installation, for data created at the installation. There is a single installation license fee, regardless of processor class. All license fees are in U.S. dollars, payable as an item that is clearable through the Federal Reserve System of the U.S. This is a change with respect to users outside the US. Previously, the CPExpert fees for users outside the US were in British Pounds Sterling. Now all users pay the same license fee.

Component First Year Subsequent Years
WLM Component 7,500 5,000
DB2 Component 7,500 5,000
CICS Component See note 5,000 3,000
WebSphere MQ Component 5,000 3,000
DASD Component 3,000 1,500

Note: Fees shown for the CICS Component are for analyzing no more than 50 CICS regions.
Please contact Don_Deese@cpexpert.com if you wish to analyze more than 50 CICS regions.

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