Sample CPExpert License Agreement and License Supplement

The paperwork to license CPExpert consists of two documents: (1) a License Agreement and (2) a License Agreement Supplement.  

The License Agreement stipulates the terms and conditions under which CPExpert is licensed. The License Agreement has been structured to be as simple as possible.


The CPExpert license was modeled after the MXG license (with Barry Merrill's blessing).  The MXG license was selected as a model because it is a straightforward license agreement that has been used at thousands of user sites, and the MXG license has "met the test of time" with respect to acceptance by contracting officers.

The basic CPExpert license agreement has been modified based on constructive feedback from procurement folks at CPExpert user sites. (Particular thanks need to go to Ms. Bobbie Liberty, Contracts, Department of Information Services, State of Washington for her excellent suggestions!) The resulting standard CPExpert License Agreements have been unchanged since 1995.

The License Agreement Supplement is more administrative in nature. This document specifies where the product and product updates should be shipped, where the invoice should be sent, where the product is to be installed, etc.

Please review the below sample License Agreement and License Agreement Supplement. While these documents may be printed and reviewed by your legal staff, please ask for the "standard" CPExpert License Agreement and License Agreement Supplement forms before ordering CPExpert.

License Agreement 

License Agreement Supplement

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