Introduction to zSeries Application Assist Processor (zAAP)

                           Donald R. Deese

   Starting with z/OS V1R6 on z890 and z990 servers, Java applications can
   run on a new type of processor called the eServer zSeries Application
   Assist Processor (zAAP).  The zAAP is a relatively inexpensive solution
   for installations running a large amount of Java work.  This paper
   presents an overview of zAAP processors, describes how zAAP processors
   interact with z/OS, discusses some performance considerations when
   implementing zAAP processors, and describes the data available in RMF
   that can be used to analyze zAAP performance. This paper also describes
   the zAAP enhancements that are available with IBM's z9 109 server, and
   compares zAAP operation under z/OS V1R6 versus z/OS V1R7.

Download paper (pdf format).
Download foils (PowerPoint format).

Please note that the IFACROSSOVER parameter is not applicable with z/OS V1R8.  All references to IFACROSSOVER in the zAAP paper or PowerPoint presentation should be ignored for z/OS V1R8.

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