Free CPExpert Analysis

To acquaint you with CPExpert's features, and allow you to appreciate the benefits received from using CPExpert, you can obtain a FREE, no obligation analysis of your organizationís IBM performance.

Itís easy!  To receive a basic CPExpert analysis of potential performance problems with your system, just submit a sample performance data base, following these instructions.  Once the analysis is run, CPExpert will automatically send an email alert of significant issues.  The full analysis will be returned shortly afterwards via email, and will include:

There is absolutely no obligation and your organization will discover the benefits of a CPExpert analysis that is tailored to your specific environment.  The results will be strong justification for obtaining CPExpert for your site. 

Join the hundreds of organizations who use CPExpert on a daily basis to optimize the performance of their IBM mainframes.

Non-disclosure: Data submitted will be held in the strictest confidence. Your organizationís data will not be released from CMS nor shared with any other third party. The information provided will not be used for marketing. No sales person will call.

There is a limit of one analysis per company per CPExpert component. CMS reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without notice and to reject any specific request with no further explanation or obligation.

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Last updated by Don Deese on 06/14/08.