CPExpert Product Update 2001-2

This product update forwards updates to both software and documentation. The software update is Release 11.2 of CPExpert. The release number indicates that it is the second release of 2001.

This release (1) provides support for z/OS Version 1 Release 2 (V1R2), (2) enhances CPExpert’s reporting by providing support for the SAS Output Distribution System (ODS), (3) adds optional links in CPExpert reports that link rule output to CPExpert documentation, (4) enhances the CICS Component, (5) enhances the WLM Component, (6) enhances the DASD Component, (7) enhances the DB2 Component, (8) provides updated documentation on CD-ROM, and (9) corrects errors that have been reported.


I suggest that you use the following steps to install Release 11.2:


I would like to say "Thank you" to the following individuals. These folks have discovered errors, proposed new features, or suggested documentation changes since the last Update Bulletin:

Please call, fax, or send me a note on the Internet if you have suggestions, you want new features, or you would like to see more or different reporting done by CPExpert.

Best regards,

Don Deese

Computer Management Sciences, Inc.
6076-D Franconia Road
Alexandria, Virginia 2310
(703) 922-7027 FAX: (703) 922-7305

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